Dear President Obama,

Thank You for #NOKXL

Randy Thompson, featured in the video, is a rancher in Nebraska--who early on in our fight became to symbolize all the landowners we were standing with. For years we all proudly wore our “Stand with Randy” shirts.

Randy’s Message to President Obama and all the Pipeline Fighters:

Mr. President, families from all across America thank you for protecting our land and water by rejecting the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Your decision is courageous and historic. You did what was right in the face of a totally misguided and unrelenting effort by the Republican party and Big Oil to shove this pipeline down our throats.

Clearly, through all the hype and lies you have heard the voices of the American people and you have chosen to stand with us.

Your actions are proof that you value clean air, clean water, and a stable climate above corporate profits and campaign contributions.

Your decision will come as a tremendous relief to landowners who have anxiously watched as the Republicans have time and again tried to throw our property rights under the bus.

President Obama, history will defend you, and our descendants will forever be indebted to you.

To my fellow pipeline fighters, thank you for fighting like hell to protect our land, water and climate. Together, We did it.