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Portrait of Kenny Bruno

Kenny Bruno

Donor Advisor, Cloud Mountain Foundation

Kenny Bruno is a strategic consultant and foundation adviser engaged in corporate accountability research, pipeline fighting, pro-EV organizing, philanthropic advising and more.

Kenny currently serves as Senior Advisor to the New Venture Fund. Previously, he was a campaign coordinator for Corporate Ethics International on its U.S. Tarsands campaign, and served as a consultant to Seventh Generation, International Program Director at Oil Change International, and served seven years on the Greenpeace USA board of directors.

Kenny is the co-founder of two schools — one in Ecuador and one in Peru — that train Indigenous leaders in environmental and human rights. He is the co-coiner of the phrases “greenwash,” “bluewash” and “climate justice,” and co-author of three children’s books in the Josie Goes Green series. Kenny has spent a lot of time fighting pipelines, incinerators, and dumping of waste in the developing world, and got his start in organizing with Greenpeace, where he worked as a campaigner for 12 years.

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