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The Pipeline Fighters Hub provides technical, legal, story telling and organizing assistance to any community fighting pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure, with the goal of protecting the land and water.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub is a new project of the Bold Education Fund to help connect and resource local communities fighting fossil fuel pipelines. 

The Hub will officially launch to the public in 2021 with the following components:

  • Training and technical assistance to local pipeline fights from an online resource library, to assistance on white papers to help with local zoning, to on-the-ground meetings to assist with the landowner organizing model on fighting eminent domain. 
  • Connect, with a listserv and monthly calls, pipeline fighters and water protectors across the country in order to share news clips, messaging, joint campaigns, resource needs and best practices.
  • Identify key local leaders that the media can interview in order to amplify voices from the frontlines and continue the border communications message that stopping pipelines helps solve climate change.
  • Amplify finance and other corporate accountability campaigns that go after insurance and other institutions to assist the organizations running those campaigns with stories from on the ground and to assist allied groups efforts.
  • Create situational analysis documents and keep a tracking document of pipeline fights across the country to assist with foundation and strategic decisions.

Are you currently fighting a pipeline in your community?

Pipeline Fighters Hub