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Stop the #DirtyDeal: Families on Mountain Valley Pipeline Route Are Not Bargaining Chips

Mark Hefflinger, Bold Alliance (Photo: Bryon Houlgrave/Des Moines Register

By Mark Hefflinger

TAKE ACTION    May 31, 2023

NoMVP "Seeds of Resistance" planting at Blue Roamin Farm, Monroe Co., WV (Photo: Peter Aaslestad for Bold Alliance)

NoMVP “Seeds of Resistance” planting at Blue Roamin Farm, Monroe Co., WV, 2016 (Photo: Peter Aaslestad for Bold Alliance)

Fossil fuel lobbyists are pushing Congress to approve the risky Mountain Valley Pipeline that uses eminent domain for an export fracked gas project. For years, landowners, Tribal Nations and local advocates have put up strong arguments, grassroots actions, and lawsuits to ensure this pipeline did not get built.

Just this week, it seems Big Oil is using their influence to push this reckless pipeline through while also weakening communities abilities to take other pipelines to court.

Any argument that the “pipeline would have been built anyway,” and therefore it’s not a big deal that it was included in the debt ceiling bill, is just hogwash. If it was going to be built, why include it in this critical bill that ensures America is paying our bills?

Approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline was added because local folks are beating Big Oil—just like we did on KXL, Jordan Cove, Byhalia, and Atlantic Coast pipelines.


  • Call your member of congress (House and Senate)—you can use this number to be patched into their offices: 888-997-5380 
  • Retweet @janekleeb calling on John Podesta and the White House to stand with the people.
  • Follow POWHR and support their work to stop the MVP.
  • Join advocates the week of June 8 either in person, virtually or at a local action. A bigger action is happening in DC on June 8 with community actions happening all week.
  • Learn all about MVP and how groups are going to keep stopping this huge risk to the land and water.


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