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Landowners Finish Testimony, Summit Foregoes Rebuttal, and Iowa Utilities Board Concludes Public Hearings Into Proposed CO2 Pipeline, Sets Briefing Schedule Before Decision Expected in 2024

Mark Hefflinger, Bold Alliance (Photo: Bryon Houlgrave/Des Moines Register

By Mark Hefflinger

News November 9, 2023

Impacted landowner Mary Powell testifies at the Iowa Utilities Board on Nov. 8, 2023.

After a month-long hiatus in the more than two months-long proceedings to date, testimony before the Iowa Utilities Board considering a proposed carbon dioxide pipeline permit application from Summit Carbon Solutions resumed on Monday this week, and the hearings concluded on Wednesday after impacted landowners completed their testimony, and Summit opted to forego rebuttal testimony.

Following the conclusion of testimony and resting of landowners’ case in the hearing, the IUB Commissioners on Wednesday evening decided on a six-week post-hearing briefing schedule from the parties, followed by three weeks to submit reply briefs, after which time the board will review all materials and issue its decision, not expected until sometime in 2024.

A number of non-intervening landowners who did not seek legal counsel to officially participate in the proceedings gave testimony on Monday this week, while landowners represented by attorney Brian Jorde with the Iowa Easement Team and Domina Law Group continued their testimony on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bold Alliance is capturing and archiving the live video feed of the IUB proceedings in clips posted to the Bold Nebraska YouTube channel. Testimony clips from this week are assembled below:

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