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Pipeline Fights



Summit Midwest Carbon Express CO2

Take Action Now

  • ACTION-SUBMIT A COMMENT: Submit an objection to the Iowa Utility Board to ask them not to grant a permit to Summit Carbon Solutions. (Select “HLP-2021-0001 (Summit Carbon Solutions LLC, Petition for a Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit)” to submit an objection for the Summit pipeline.
  • ACTION-SIGN THE PETITION: NO CO2 Pipelines In Iowa! (via Iowa Sierra Club)
  • ACTION-DONATE: Donate to support landowners in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota & North Dakota fighting eminent domain & the Summit Midwest Carbon Express pipeline.

Frontline & Local Opposition Groups

National Opposition Groups


  • Backers of these carbon pipelines include big-name politicians from both sides of the aisle. Likewise, federal regulations and tax credits are generous and bountiful under both the Trump and Biden administration. Some key Democrats, like Rep. Khanna, are opposed to expanded “45Q” tax credits for carbon capture and storage projects. Additionally, Rep. Raskin is working on federal legislation against eminent domain for private gain, and Rep. Malinowski introduced similar legislation, the Fairness for Landowners Facing Eminent Domain Act, which would reform the federal Natural Gas Act but not have any affect on oil or carbon pipelines.

Grassroots Actions

Pipeline opponents protest Summit Carbon Solutions CEO Bruce Rastetter’s appearance at the GreenSeam rural forum in Mankato, MN. (Photo: Emma Schmit)

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